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Mini Gas Cartridges

NTG mini gas cartridges are suitable for a variety of uses. They're usually found in components where they're not readily visible: Life jackets, fire extinguishers, oxygen equipment, draft beer dispensers or in the popular soda siphons, which produce carbonated water for household use. NTG is an approved supplier to the high-tech sector of the military.

The NTG mini gas cartridge can contain high-pressurized gas to be used as an energy source. They also serve to deliver gas, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, helium, nitrogen and others. Depending on the gas they contain, NTG mini gas cartridges can be used in lifesaving equipment, medical technology applications, beverage bottling plants, and in the leisure sector. The standard volume is 10 to 98ml.

The properties of the product and the method of manufacturing vary depending on the contents of the cartridges. NTG is proud of its gas filling technology, especially with regard to oxygen. In addition, NTG produces a safety cap that offers the consumer the highest degree of protection. If the internal pressure of the cartridge should become too high due to external circumstances, this cap allows the gas to escape safely.

» Volumes of 10 to 98ml

» Carbon dioxide (CO2),
   Oxygen (O2),
   Helium (He),
   Nitrogen (N2),
   Gas mixtures (e.g. CO2+N2)

» Safety cap (SSC and DSSC)

Standard-Spezifications for NTG Mini Gas Cartridges

Safety cap (SSC and DSSC)

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